Whether you are a Marketing Manager, an independent marketing consultant, a business manager or a business owner the opportunities modern video production offer you are vast, far reaching and highly measurable. The following outlines some key areas of video production that have enabled SWOON to deliver excellent results for clients.

Reaching and Engaging

Reaching and engaging modern audiences requires an innovative use of communication tools as well as the development of high quality, relevant creative content. Good video content is more likely to reach and engage a wide audience than text and static images. It is able to ‘cut through’ and reach audiences in a way not matched by more traditional communication tools.

In terms of reaching and engaging audiences  Sonar 6’s online video are an excellent example.  Sonar 6 is a human resources company who pride themselves on understanding people and communicating effectively. Using online video they successfully reached a global audience of potential clients and were able to communicate the  unique benefits they offer.

Sonar 6  enhanced great quality content with a combination of believable real life presenters and clever graphic animations. They chose a  style of production that broke down to the barriers and preconceived ideas that are usually associated with ‘human resource management’, and ‘performance reviews’.

Active Online Audiences

Modern audiences are increasingly ‘online’ and actively choosing the messages they receive meaning passive delivery methods (like static web pages or traditional print ads that don’t require action) are no longer as effective as they once were.

Our client, Action Mail is an innovative multi-disciplinary direct marketing company who create highly measurable call to action campaigns across multiple platforms. They know people exist in a ‘logged on’ online world and create highly personalised communications that include video as part of their multi-sensory approach.

Video is one of the many tools that ActionMail use to successfully deliver outstanding results for clients.


Well-planned video production has to be relevant as well as creative.  In order to capture the attention of modern audiences all aspects must be relevant  this means not only the content but also the tone, style, and pace. If done well, not only will your target audience view and process your messages they will share your content with others, which is one of the best measures of engagement.

There is no compromise – content must be relevant and creativity must be appropriate for a video production to deliver the maximum return on investment.

We all of know of brilliantly entertaining TVC ‘s that we can recall fondly but cannot remember the brand who developed them, let alone the message they were trying to convey.  Our BUPA series of TV ads use a range of carefully chosen post production techniques to ensure the tone, style and pace of the TVC is relevant to a highly specific target audience.

The Flexibility of Video

It almost goes without saying that video is a modern adaptable and highly flexible communication tool.

Video solves the problem which static web pages  are now suffering from.  Static web pages are increasingly failing to attract or engage the jaded web surfer.  Video allows web pages to come to life and make stronger connections with audiences and enables more information to be communicated more quickly.


We are honored to be able to support EDEN in a small way.  EDEN is a highly effective organisation that provides support and solutions for New Zealanders with eating disorders.  With video rather than reading through long descriptions about this charitable organisation, its objectives and its methodologies, EDEN can put a human face to the organisation, making its messages more personally engaging and conveying a great deal of information in a short space of time.

Web pages containing company overviews, ‘about us’ and ‘our team’ can be far more effective and ‘shareable’ if in video format. Research shows that people are more likely to share links to video content from your site than they are to share static pages of text and images. By providing web visitors with something to share you are increasing the potential of ‘modern word of mouth’ for your brand and your message.

Google rates good quality video content more highly than text and images meaning that using video not only means your messages are being communicated more successfully but increases the chances of your message being noticed.  Video is considered to be rich and highly searchable content and so increases your SEO results.

 5 Reasons Why You  Should Integrate Video into Your Online Marketing Strategy

  1. Client testimonials are more believable and are more likely be shared across multiple online channels when in video format.
  2. Complex instructional and technical ‘how to’ videos, are both more highly searchable and far more digestible than even the most beautifully laid out puff manual.
  3. Promotional ‘call to action’ style videos aimed at generating leads or sales have been proven in a range of international studies to have around a 75% success rate.
  4. Traditional TVC’s for both broadcast and online platforms can be enhanced and made more measurable when they include a mechanism that is linked to additional video messages and information embedded into the business’ websites or branded YouTube channels.
  5. Video is an essential tool of the ‘Mobile Revolution’.  Increasingly our online experiences are taking place on mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets create the ideal environment to reach audiences anywhere and more particularly with the effectiveness and convenience of video.  Technologies like QR Codes and Personal URL’s offer a range of tactical advantages that put video communication ahead of more traditional tools.

ActionMail’s Fun Campaign Overview Video used personal urls as an to share their  highly informative online videos.  Their video productions quickly explained their upcoming campaign and fun B2B competition. Their approach combined highly credible client testimonials with hard facts about the key benefits of their multi media direct marketing services finishing with an subtle call to action.

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