New Zealand small businesses are in a great position to harness the marketing power that professional quality video blogging can deliver when it’s part of an integrated marketing strategy.  The ‘off the cuff’ style of delivery that ‘blogging’ lends… Continue reading

Whether you are a Marketing Manager, an independent marketing consultant, a business manager or a business owner the opportunities modern video production offer you are vast, far reaching and highly measurable. The following outlines some key areas of video production… Continue reading

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“Leverage the Power of Video” – says Randi Zuckerberg – (former) Facebook Marketing Director

“Leverage the Power of Video” is a statement that  Zuckerberg has been making for the last couple of years, most recently, here in New Zealand… Continue reading

High quality video is now standard for the net. Gone are the days of slow downloading, postage-stamp sized, over compressed, poor quality videos. Today’s media saavy audiences expect the same quality on their computer screens as they see on their… Continue reading

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