New TV channels, advances in technology and online video increase the scope and affordability of TV Advertising

The benefits of professionally produced TV advertising

  • TV is still the most powerful form of advertising, reaching the largest viewership of any medium.
  • TV Advertisers can achieve instant response to a call to action.
  • It is possible to target demographics through specific placement.
  • Television advertising spots offer a broad range of pricing options.
  • TV adverts can help buid brand recognition to a broader audience for future sales opportunities.
  • As TV advertising is passive, it can often drive incidental and spontaneous sales.

We can take your script or idea and turn it into high a quality TVC, like these

TVC production simplified – Check out these easy production packages for high impact TV advertising.

Advertising on TV?

Even with the incredible saturation of the internet, there is still no faster way to reach a wide audience than on-air advertising. In New Zealand Digital TV and the diversification of channels over the last few years has transformed the market in favour of the advertisers, with on-air rates more competitive than ever before. More channel has resulted in niche audiences meaning advertising can be targeting to particular demographics which can dramatically increase the conversion rate. Cheaper on-air rates open the medium to companies who have previously considered it uneconomical. With more channels and lower on-air cost, the budgets for producing TV adverts are under pressure. Fortunately using advanced camera and software technology as well as a number 8 wire approach, we are able to produce TV adverts that look and feel like productions of much greater cost.

TV advert production

Online Video

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