New Zealand small businesses are in a great position to harness the marketing power that professional quality video blogging can deliver when it’s part of an integrated marketing strategy.  The ‘off the cuff’ style of delivery that ‘blogging’ lends itself to works beautifully with the more casual style the ‘kiwi’ nature of communication.  “Off the cuff’ produced at professional quality makes it easy for your audience (clients, customers etc) to really connect with – just like human.

The flexibility of video production means  that the over 97% of all New Zealand businesses that are small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) can maximise the ‘bang’ (ROI) for their buck (investment). Video Blogs and  Not only do they have to compete with local home grown competitors but they often have to compete against national franchises and international organisations that often have A regular video blog is an easy and highly affordable way for a business to introduce the power of video to their marketing communications arsenal.  Video Blogs are short ‘pieces to camera’ that clearly communicate a single key idea that is relevant and useful to the businesses target audience, both current customers and potential customers.  This style of video production requires only basic editing and post-production ensuring that high quality professionally directed video production is accessible to every size of businesses.The budget can be stretched even further if multiple Video Blogs can be shot in a single day.  To do this effectively simply requires developing a time line of content for a 3 – 6 month period, writing the scripts, shooting  the footage and producing it all at once.  Once the productions are finished their release can be spread out carefully over a 3 – 6 month (or longer) time period. This approach is highly effective in delivering results because you are producing relevant information for your audience to engage in and share as well as creating highly ‘Google’ searchable content.  Regular video blogs will produce excellent search engine results with the ‘Google’ spiders who love regular content and prioritise rich video content.

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