High quality video is now standard for the net. Gone are the days of slow downloading, postage-stamp sized, over compressed, poor quality videos. Today’s media saavy audiences expect the same quality on their computer screens as they see on their HD TVs.

Just like HD TV, HiDef videos on YouTube and Vimeo now show up every imperfection of poorly produced video. Despite this, many companies still have outdated perceptions of online video, much like the way they viewed websites 10 or 15 years ago.

The internet has come a long way from blinking text and rainbow coloured lines and the importance of a good web presence is paramount for a business to succeed locally and globally. Online video as an integral part of a businesses online presence cannot be poorly made. It’s like the neighbor moving some old car bodies on to their lawn frontage. However beautiful your roses look, all people will focus on is the rusting steel next door.

TV has set high standards for what people expect when they view video on a commercial website or representing a company on YouTube. Sure, these videos may not be the top raters. It’s pretty hard to compete with a kitten chasing a laser pointer and you are not going to knock Justin Bieber from his number one spot with a product demonstration or promo vid, however, customers seeking more info about a product or service will be eager to find such a video – and it needs to be good.

Video on your website needs to reflect your business because when people are viewing it, they will be forming a judgment about quality, reliability, attitude that are part of the process of building a trusted business relationship. For this reason it is important that your videos are tailored to your audience by people who have taken the time to understand your business.

The sausage factory approach adopted by some production companies results in videos that all have the same type of look and feel. What would your impression be of Telecom if their website looked the same as Vodafone or 2Degrees. Video must speak your company’s unique voice on the web to be remembered by your potential clients adding to your brand currency. Jon W.

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